Bikini Berlin Concept Mall

Published at L'Officiel Italia on 3rd September 2013

To discover up-and-coming designers and brands away from mainstream you certainly would not go to Kurfürstendamm in Berlin’s City West. They are rather found in the Eastern areas Mitte, and parts of Neukölln. Now this is about to change. Next to Berlin Zoo facing the new five star “Waldorf Astoria” hotel, the historical so-called Bikinihaus is turning into Germany’s first concept mall. The 200 meter long heritage building dates from the 50ies and is named for its two-tier architecture. It belongs to the “Bikini Berlin” complex, which also includes two high rises, the famous cinema “Zoo Palast” and a parking deck. Responsible for the concept of rehabilitation is the renowned studio Arne Quinze, that emphasizes a blend of history and modernity. The Munich architecture studio Hild und K was entrusted with the project execution. The result will have nothing to do with common shopping malls. On the bottom three floors of the Bikinihaus you will find a collection of carefully selected high quality boutiques, concept and flagship stores as well as restaurants and service providers. Among the tenants are for example the Italian shoe labels Bagatt and Ixos, the exclusive collection GANT Rugger of the US American label GANT or the Serbian store concept Supermarket Concept Space. Additionally, pop-up stores, special events and even exhibitions will attract a sophisticated and style conscious international clientele. Until the opening in the beginning of next year we can already grasp a preview of the shopping experience at the Bikini Berlin online shop. At least there we will find some of the design products we are missing right now at Kurfürstendamm.