Patrick Mohr's A/W 2015 collection

Published at L'Officiel Italia on 22nd January 2014

As usual it’s a rainy, windy, cold and grey January week in Berlin. Luckily the city has been brightened up since last Tuesday due to the fashionable crowd coming for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Sure you can’t compare its shows to the ones in Paris or Milan, but Berlin for sure has its very own raw charm.

Nowhere else would you possibly experience a presentation like the one from crazy guy, in the most positive way, Patrick Mohr at the first evening of Fashion Week. The German designer invited to a former hardware store in Berlin Mitte whose dark atmosphere resembles the city’s club scene – also because of the enormously loud electronic music. Mohr isn’t one to stay within boundaries. Equal freedom is his highest ideal, and movement, change and breakout from standards are essential for that. This is also why he decided just to cast black models for his presentation. While even these days – and not just in Germany – you could rarely see black girls and boys on the runway.

For his A/W 2014/15 collection “work hard. be mohr.” with the credo “Freedom describes the ability of the human to act deliberately.” (original German title ”Freiheit beschreibt die Fähigkeit des Menschen, willentlich zu handeln.“) Mohr designed ten jackets in different shades of blue for women and men. It’s his favourite colour due to its versatility from aggressive over cool to harmonic. Versatile are also the pieces. On the first view some might look like from out of space. But you can always see the love for detail in the geometric designs, the applications like his signature triangle or the extraordinary mix of materials such as leather, silk, wool and sequins, which makes Mohr’s clothes pretty suitable for our world.