Lala Berlin at Berlin Fashion Week

Published at L'Officiel Italia on 12th August 2014

Leyla Piedayeshlaunched her label Lala Berlin out of nowhere. She is the best proof, that if you follow your instincts and do what you love you are going to be successful. Without studying design but business Piedayesh managed to establish a well respected label that stands for Berlin chic. Just according to the motto of her fall collection “Be wild and do something beautiful” she simply started with some hand knitted pieces. Naturally it developed into whole womenswear collections, soon known for their striking prints and fabric mixes, all “learning by doing” the self-made designer says. Being born in Teheran she constantly likes to deal with the orient, she tells me. Already in early collections Piedayesh picked up the Kufiya pattern, known from the Palestine scarf, which also appears in a modified version in her currently shown spring/summer 2015 collection. Back then as well as today she states that this print is absolute apolitical to her, “these scarfs are all-around the orient. I don’t see a political connection just because someone wore them”, she explains. “I don’t necessarily want to set political statements with what I do. It’s more about the fun and the joy to create beautiful looks and collections”, Piedaysh continues.

For her latest collection “Illusion – Delusion” she was particularly inspired by the desert. “I like the Nomads’ looks, the layering, the wide pants”, the designer says. Especially the phenomenon of mirages fascinated her. That idea was translated into 3D effect prints and a play with transparency. The fabrics included denim, silk, leather and cotton. In addition to that the casual flowing silhouettes and also sharply cut elegant pants and blazers created Lala Berlin’s typical unconventional chic.